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About Us

Welcome to Nuteeq, home of the unique!

We are a team of Emirati industry veterans with extensive backgrounds in Customer Service, Operations Excellence and Supply Chain Management.

The people of the UAE are faced with the never ending dilemma of finding the same products repeated in all stores which has eradicated the uniqueness from shops and stores hence robbing the fun out of the shopping experience.

Nuteeq is a multidimensional store with products ranging from consumer electronics, gadgets, clothing, original perfumes, home products, action figures and many more so you have a wonderful experience shopping even if you do not buy anything!

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We created a space for everyone to feel more welcomed. With every product, we aim to deliver to you a sense of curiosity and ultimately bring back the joyfulness to shopping!

It all started with the love of shopping, we aim to reinstate that incredible unique feeling back to everyone across our beloved UAE.

All of Nuteeq products have been personally sourced by our experts from the most reputable manufacturers. We've hunted around the globe to find you the most unique, eye catching and value backed products

Through our innovative platform, you can buy at significantly lower prices. We've brought down the barriers and eliminated all of the risk with our commitment to provide a fast, easy and a safe buying experience.

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